Google Business Page

If you are a small business with a storefront, a Google Business page should absolutely be your first online presence.  Claim your Google page here with your phone number and wait for the postcard to arrive with your verification code.

Fill in the Google page with as many details as possible.  Please include photos of your storefront and inside your shop.  Upload a logo and cover photo.  The logo should be square in size and the cover photo should be more of a panoramic photo.  Please contact me if you would like help setting up your Google page.

Please claim your business!

I am astounded by how many established stores, colleges, churches still have the “Claim This Business” button on their google search results.  That means the free google business page is not working for them!  It also means it is possible for someone else to claim the business for them.  Not good!  Please let me help you claim your Google Business Page.

What if you work from your home?

Google now allows you to check a box that you “deliver goods and services to my customers at their location”.  If you don’t wish to publish your home address then do not check the box “I also serve customers at my business address”. At this point, your location will unfortunately still show up on the map section of your Google page.  My advice is that you do use a google business page for your home based business.

The exceptions to this are if you are in the security business or if your primary work area is far from your home address.  For example if you are a contractor from West Virginia, but do most of your work in Northern Virginia, a google business page based on your home address will not help you.

Next Steps

Google+ did not develop into the social media platform that Google had hoped, but these pages rank well in local searches.If you have time, keep your Google page updated with current photos and blog posts. Make sure you respond to positive and negative reviews promptly.  Email me today for assistance.