SEO ( Ranking Higher in Searches)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of ranking highly in search engine results for your keywords.  For example, if you are a roofing contractor, you would like to be listed first when a nearby potential client searches on “roof repair”.


Google has about 65% of the search engine market, followed by Bing and Yahoo.  Because Google is so dominant, the optimization we do is all directed towards Google rankings.  At R3C Creations, we track each website through Google Webmaster Tools for website health and Google Analytics for website traffic.  Both of these also offer insights into search keywords.  Google AdWords is used for creating and tracking ads on Google.  It also offers a wonderful and free Keyword Planner tool.

Find the Keywords

Our first step in an SEO campaign is to talk with the client about their business and what they do to stand out from their competitors.  We talk to them about the markets they serve and the direction they are going with their company.  From here we create a list of keywords unique to that business.  The best keywords are frequently used in searches, applicable to the business’s goals and not that competitive.  If the client is in a hurry for new business, they can choose to run Google ads based on the keyword list.  Ads are the quick and expensive way to get business.  SEO is the longer and ultimately cheaper approach.  It is fine to use both.

Optimize Website Content

Knowing the correct keywords does not help much without expert content that relates and defines them. We develop that content with the help of the customer.

Having an Authoritative Website

Google has signals that allow it to rank a website by authority. The higher your number, the better off you are regarded on the web. So if you have expert content on an authoritative website, you show up higher than if your expert content was on a beginner website. Rising in authority is very doable over time.

Track SEO Results

We use professional SEO tools to track success. Results are analyzed each week and your website is optimized accordingly.