WordPress Website Maintenance

I recently read an analogy comparing websites to cars – both need regular maintenance to keep running well. A poorly maintained car is apt to break down at the worst possible time.  A website that is ignored for months can become bogged down with spam and is more vulnerable to hacks.

WordPress Website Maintenance includes these tasks:

  • Updating WordPress versions
  • Updating WordPress plugins
  • Sometimes deciding to wait on upgrades because of bug reports
  • Identifying “not found” pages
  • Solving problems caused by plugin conflicts
  • Checking the sitemap submitted to google
  • Cleaning hacked websites
  • Clearing out spam comments

Why are there always new versions of WordPress and plugins?  Many times they are released to plug security problems.  If you place your website on a managed WordPress hosting plan, some of these tasks are automated.

WordPress Website Maintenance Recommended Tools

Websites can and should be tracked with these or similar tools:

  • Sucuri for security
  • Google Webmaster Tools for website health
  • Google Analytics for traffic
  • premium SEO tools for rankings
  • backup tools

No news is good news from Sucuri and Google Webmaster tools.  We look for an upward trend from Google Analytics and our SEO tools.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing clients grow their businesses over the years.  I’ve maintained several clients’ websites for over five years.  Contact me today to discuss website management.