Booking Websites with WooCommerce Bookings

I have used the WooCommerce Bookings plugin on several recent websites. For Rubble Rolloffs, a dumpster rental company based in Maryland, automating bookings saves administrative time. Customers can enter their own delivery address and pre-pay before any office people look at the request. If all dumpsters are reserved on that date, the reservation will not go through.

Configuring the bookings plugin can be complex. It offers many layers of priorities for pricing that can complicate matters. Does the resource need to be cleaned or prepped between appointments? In Rubble’s case, the resources are 10 yard and 15 yard dumpsters that can be rented for a minimum of 1 week. The buffer time between rentals is 1 day.

The same booking plugin is used by NoFo Bikes, an electric bike rental company in Greenport, New York. Clients can rent ebikes and traditional bikes by the hour. Or clients can sign their group up for guided tours on ebikes or traditional bikes. Both individual rentals and tours pull from the same pool of bikes.

WooCommerce with Square works well on these websites. The plugin needs lots of resources; quality shared hosting is recommended so your users don’t see long delays. Office staff should be comfortable with online calendars to manage this application. Walk-in requests should be logged through the reservation system also so that current resources are always accurate.