eCommerce for a Farmer’s Market

The farmers, artists and people of Greene County Virginia look forward to the Farmer’s Market opening each year in April. In 2020, how would shoppers safely purchase fresh vegatables, meat and bread?

The manager asked me to add an eCommerce component to the existing website. We used an add-on that allows each farmer to add and price their own goods. Shoppers can buy from multiple farmers in one transaction. Each farmer receives an email detailing the client order. They bring all the orders to the market Saturday morning labeled for curbside pickup.

This work enabled those more at risk of contracting the virus to still buy fresh food safely.

Technical details

This was built on a Divi themed WordPress website. WooCommerce was enhanced with a paid version of WCFM Marketplace which supports multiple vendors within one store. Payment could be through Stripe or SNAP ( formerly food stamps ).

Seedlings, vegetables and prepared food are all taxed at different rates in Virginia.  When a client uses SNAP, no taxes are collected.  I wrote custom PHP code that worked with wooCommerce to make the 0 tax SNAP purchases correct.