LearnDash LMS Development

Earlier this week ( on 1/13/21 ), I installed the most recent version of LearnDash, which brought down the equippingminds.com website.  LearnDash did not have its previous versions available; I installed an older version that I had.  LearnDash was very responsive and said it has a conflict with WordPress websites not yet updated to 5.6.  They gave an immediate timeline for the fix and actually delivered on it.  They sent a personal email when it was available.  While I wasn’t happy about the glitch, I was impressed with the level of customer service from LearnDash. LearnDash installed and is working fine.

LearnDash on Equipping Minds

Dr. Carol Brown developed the Equipping Minds Curriculum that can improve student performance across a variety of subjects.  She created the ROSES class to demonstrate to educational therapists and parents how to implement the curriculum.  This was hosted on a third party websites where Dr. Brown was charged for every student, even if she wished to give scholarships.

I moved the ROSES class to equippingminds.com using LearnDash, LearnDash LMS – WooCommerce Integration, and WooCommerce Subscriptions.  Each client subscribes for a year and has the option to pay monthy or at signup.  Videos and documents for the class are hosted securely on amazon web services.

Roses has over 200 class modules so I developed a custom listing display in PHP that condensed the progress report.