Membership Plugins in WordPress

Membership plugins can be used on any website where you need to protect pages, posts, forums or files.  Those who are members are allowed to login and access the content.  Those who are not members need to join in order to view the content.

I have been fortunate to develop membership areas for several websites this past year.  Indigo Blue Magazine allows everyone to read certain articles.  Other content is only viewable by members.  This website uses the MemberPress membership plugin and recurring memberships.

Nested Baby offers childbirth classes to expectant parents.  They began to offer their classes online during the pandemic.  Parents purchase a one month membership for the childbirth class and area able to watch the class video as many times as they wish.  They also have access to live virtual Q&A sessions with an instructor and written materials also.  Membership is not recurring so the parents receive an email offer to renew if they wish.  I am using WooCommerce Memberships / Subscriptions as the membership plugin on Nested.

The Historic Iris Preservation Society needed to upgrade their membership website. They had already chosen MemberPress which is a wonderful membership plugin.  MemberPress allowed us to configure the membership levels they had.  I could import existing memberships into their database tables fairly easily.  Members will renew with MemberPress when their membership expires.

To wrap up:

  • MemberPress is wonderfully designed and maintained.  It allows a preset limit of free visits before blocking access.  It offers free trials with many options.
  • WooMemberships / WooSubscriptions have improved recently and work very well.
  • Restrict Content Pro is well written and supported.
  • WP Courseware is a learning management / membership plugin. It has lots of older functions spread throughout its code. Very difficult to get working on goDaddy hosting.