Membership Website Updates

I have been happy to build a number of membership websites. Here are the use cases:

AAILA: MemberPress allows lighting agents and lighting manufacturer members access to courses, listing on the website, and access to in-person opportunities. The recent renewals went well, in part because they did not change membership plugins and did not change the meaning of membership levels.

NestedBaby: WooCommerce Memberships is used for access to online childbirth courses for one month.

AGCPD: Program directors of genetic counseling programs join as members to share information on best practices and training scenarios. The corporate add-on for MemberPress is used to allow multiple colleagues from each university to have access.

Equipping Minds: WooCommerce Memberships and Subscriptions are used to allow parents and educators to enroll in courses that illustrate this cognitive growth curriculum. The core class, Roses, allows subscribers to pay monthly or annually.

Indigo Blue and The Insiders Fund: Both of these platforms used MemberPress to restrict access to current newsletters.