Membership Websites

I have recently completed two membership website projects.  Both were creating new websites for associations.  One required a business directory of the members who had joined.

There were many options for this configuration.

  1. Business Directory Plugin can be used to create a table of members.  A simple member billing can be set up.  But in the past this has not been flexible enough.
  2. A combination of MemberPress and Gravity Forms.  Members could have recurring memberships and MemberPress supports this very nicely.  Gravity Forms can be used to collect all the directory data upfront.  The Gravity Forms confirmation can route the new member to the correct MemberPress payment.
  3. GravityPress was considered to possibly simplify option 2.  After some research, I determined that this would add payment complexity instead of simplifying things.
  4. Zapier was also considered to help track member progress.  But the Zapier / MemberPress interface can get into the wrong state.

So we went with option 2.  I coded php to create the member directory and some search functionality.  The code ensures we only show active and approved gravity form entries.  We used GravityWiz’s Gravity Perks nested form module and that worked well.