WooCommerce Delivery

Alice Barberich launched her Cinnamin Roll delivery service in California in January 2020.  Her website is itsinthemixclovis.com .  Her business grew quickly ( the rolls are warm when delivered!) and she needed to manage her orders and delivery routes. 

WordPress Plugins for Delivery

Here are the plugins that I helped implement on her website:

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce – A complex and powerful plugin from Tychee Software.  Support is excellent.  It allows different prep time for rolls and pies ( seasonal ).  Delivery times can be as exact as you wish.  The number of orders can be limited in many different ways.  The store manager can sort orders by delivery date and time.

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Pro – If a client living outside the zip code range wished to order pies for Christmas, they could pick those up at a local cafe.  If they were within the zip code range, then they had a choice of either delivery or pickup.  If any cinnamin rolls were in the order, delivery within the zip code range was the only option.

PostMark – Some of her clients were not receiving their email confirmations.  PostMark takes a few minutes to set up, but always solves this problem.