Gravity Forms with Stripe payment is my favorite solution for donations. You configure the form to collect as much or as little information as you wish. You set the notification emails to convey your appreciation. You easily notify as many as you wish about the donation.

I don’t recommend GiveWP any longer. I think they redesigned for ease of use. But they released a version that they new did not work with one of their legacy forms. Very poorly done.

On Strong Roots, the Give Donation log was filled with spammy entries who did not donate anything. Sea Turtle Ministries called support many times and finally was able to reset their account. They ended up switching to an offsite donation program.

FEFNA has been able to user GiveWP. I think for ease of use, GiveWP doesn’t create true user accounts. The users who had donated with different email accounts at different times were confused when they did not see all the donations in one place.